Matt Finstrom

Matt is the director and builder of Fine Stream Gamelan. Matt was first introduced to Gamelan in the mid-70's as a student at the University of Michigan. An avid instrument builder, Matt began constructing the instruments of Fine Stream Gamelan in 1988 in Tucson, AZ. He has studied Gamelan with Pak Rasito Pangrawit. In addition to Fine Stream Gamelan he is the director and founder of Sruti Music of India.

Holly Finstrom
Den Mother, Pesindhen

Holly is the lead vocalist (pesindhen) for Fine Stream Gamelan and plays many of the Gamelan instruments. She is also a founding member of Sruti Music of India performing on tambura since 1985. She accompanied Pandit Ravi Shankar in a 1993 performance at Centennial Hall and Darshanamali Jayawardena in a solo sitar recital at the U of A in 2000. She has also studied West African drumming and has performed with Nanfoule, the Rhythm Method and Sanjaya.

Ensemble Members:
Gregory Anderson, David Dettman, Minda Dettman, Noah Dettman, Ariel Finstrom, Todd Keay, Michael Lord, Stephen Murray, Chad Bailey Nielson, Robin Roberts, Isaac Rocha, Michele Smith & Wayan Suarniti.