Fine Stream GamelanFine Stream Gamelan (based in Tucson,AZ) was founded by Matt Finstrom in 1988. The group performs on a set of instruments constructed (by Matt) out of Steel, Brass and Copper augmented with iron instruments from Pak Suhirdjan, Yogya. The set is modular so as to allow the performance of Sundanese Degung, Balinese Gong Kebyar, Angklung Banyuwangi and Central Javanese Gamelan. In addition to the metal instruments Matt also constructed a set of Calung, a bamboo Gamelan from Banyumas, Central Java.

Fine Stream Gamelan has worked in collaboration with various artists including: Anom Rahayu Kusumasari, a Javanese dancer from Wonogiri, Central Java; and Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theatre for the grand finale of Tucson's 2008 All Souls Procession.

Past invited teachers include Pak Rasito Pangrawit, I Nyoman Sumandhi, Midiyanto S. Putro and Rene T.A. Lysloff.